Extra Life 2014 Marathon: Last Checkpoint

Extra-Life LogoWell, we failed with our Extra-Life 2014 Marathon. Our team, the Vidiots, (feel free to donate) were able to make it most of the way but hit a wall in the 18th hour.

Although our team failed to stay awake, many others didn’t. The grand total as off 8am this morning was over five-million dollars raised, smashing the record from last year handily.

As much fun as we were having, we still couldn’t quite make it all the way. People started dropping off in ones and twos until there was nobody left.

All told, even though we didn’t meet our goal, I consider this a success. Our team was thrown together at the last minute and the event was sandwiched in the middle of what’s turning out to be a very challenging school year. We raised a little money, blew off a lot of steam and gave us an excuse to finally clean the living room.

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