Extra Life 2014 Marathon: Third Checkpoint

Extra-Life LogoWe enter the last quarter of our Extra-Life 2014 Marathon with our team the Vidiots  (feel free to donate). As we enter our 14th hours it’s clear folks are starting to flag, but second winds seem to incoming.

Since the last update:

  • We lost one! Our first victim is sawing logs on the downstairs couch.
  • There has been even more “Towerfall: Ascension“. For the past few hours two of our more dedicated team members have been working slowing through the brutal campaign mode. Unfortunately they’re hitting the last, and hardest, levels as they’re losing more and focus.
  • The other surviving team members are wandering from laptop to handheld listlessly poking at old favorites like “Team Fortress”.  I’m not optimistic that they’ll be awake much longer.

Six more hours. Six more hours!

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