Extra Life 2014 Marathon: Second Checkpoint

Extra-Life LogoWe continue our Extra-Life 2014 Marathon with our team the Vidiots  (feel free to donate). As we enter our 14th hour it’s clear folks are starting to flag, but second winds seem to incoming.

Since the last update:

  • There has been a lot more “Towerfall: Ascension” action on the PS4. The level of customization available in the game, an insanely deep but incredibly subtle handicapping system and a hugely effective sense of humor makes this a favorite of anybody that touches it.
  • Because we’re gluttons for strange we also played the highly bizarre “Cho Aniki“. This homoerotic acid trip never saw translation or retail release outside Japan, but is available for the PS3 as “PS1 Classic”. Truly, this game has to be seen to be believed; and if you see it, you won’t believe it.
  • Most of the time was spent with “Buzz: Quiz TV“. We’d forgotten how much fun this title was, even if the questions, after six years, seem a little dated. Still, we played six or seven full rounds so clearly it didn’t matter too much.
  • We just recently, finally, started playing “PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royal“. A five gig download, 30 minute install then a full gig patch. We’re having fun, but it felt way too much like work!

We’re likely to lose people off-and-on from this point out. 10 hours left and I know I’m already feeling it.

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