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Movie Review: Dirty Little Trick

“Dirty Little Trick” on IMDB

Action,  98 Minutes, 2011

This is a low-budget, ham-fisted thriller that thinks it’s a hell of lot more clever than it really is.  Most of the budget is blown on the marquee talent, Dean Cain [IMDB] and Michael Madsen [IMDB].  Both of their careers have taken undeniable downward turns in recent years and neither puts forth his best effort here.  Madsen, especially, sleepwalks through his scenes.  The rest of the acting is universally terrible.


Movie Review: Tower Heist

“Tower Heist” on IMDB

Comedy,  104 Minutes, 2011

What do you when Alan Alda [IMDB] screws you (and I mean screws you bad)?  Well you put together a completely inept crew to break into one of the most secure buildings in the world and steal from him.  You know, people who mentioned that they might know how to do things or other people who you barely know and wouldn’t trust with your neighbor’s cat.  Those people.  Collect them into a room and tell them all about how you plan to steal 20 million dollars.


Movie Review: Texas Killing Fields

“Texas Killing Fields” on IMDB

Crime Thriller, 105 Minutes, 2011

I have to admit I’d never heard of this movie before.  My wife started it before I came into the room and when I saw the title I assumed “B-grade horror”.  Then when I started seeing the cast I thought, “Hey – this is an actual real movie!”  And indeed it was – A-list actors and everything!


Movie Review: Flypaper

“Flypaper” on IMDB

Comedy, 84 Minutes, 2011

This is one of those independent movies where every scene just screams that everybody had a hell of a lot of fun.  You’ll recognize almost every actor from prime-time television (the good high-budget, well-written stuff, not the schlock).  It really just seems, in the best of ways, like a bunch of talented friends got together on a long weekend and made a movie.