It’s a Major Award. I won it!

Kiwidust Dagger WinIn celebration of the release of the Playstaion 4 the PlayStation Greatness Exchange is giving away all of the props from the excellent “A Perfect Day” commercial (below).  In what is a certified stroke of marketing genius this is the second contest which has allowed fans to leverage their PSN Trophy collection to win actual prizes.

(Yes, my PSN handle is “kiwidust”.  Feel free to ping me if you catch me online.  Apologies in advance: I rarely do multi-player due to the enormous, towering, stack of unplayed games looming over me.)

I tossed my lot of trophies on the Elder Scrolls Online Dagger and…. please provide your own drumrolls, I won!  I haven’t actually taken delivery yet (who know how long that will take) but I’m already in negotiations with my lovely bride on how (and where) to mount and display it.  Here’s a few close-ups of the piece provided by PlayStation:

Here’s the commercial. You can see the dagger in the first few seconds being drawn for combat by the thiefy-looking guy on the right. He better not have scratched my dagger!

Once I take official ownership, I’ll be sure to gloat some more!

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