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Dishonored 2: The Royal Conservatory No-kill Glitch

Still playing and, until now, thoroughly enjoying Dishonored 2. It may have been an error in judgement, but I decided to do my first play-through as a no-kill, no-spot, collect all the runes and bonecharms run. Unfortunately I, and many others, have hit something of a wall in Chapter 5: The Royal Conservatory.

[Minor Spoilers Ahead] The Conservatory has been overrun with witches. To beat the area without deaths, you must activate a machine that eliminates the witches powers. This can incorrectly result in some of the unconscious witches dying.

Apparently this can sometimes be rectified by determining exactly which witches won’t walk again and putting sleep darts in them before activating the device. Unfortunately this did not work for me as can be seen in the following video:

In my case, activating the machine results in four dead witches. After a significant, time-consuming search, I determined which four were dying and collected them in the burglars apartment. In my case this group included the two  would-be bushwhackers encountered outside of the Conservatory.

All four are resting comfortably on the floor and alive. Pull the switch and all four are dead. Reload and sleep dart the lot of them, then pull the switch. Now the statistics only show a single death, however examining the bodies directly show them all as dead.


You can read more about this on this Steam Discussion. Harvey Smith of Arcane Studios has also acknowledged the bug in this Twitter thread. Here’s hoping for a quick and stable patch!

Dishonored 2: Easy “Heartbeat Reaper” Trophy

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Dishonored 2. I’ll likely be writing more about it at some point, but for now, here’s a brief word on one of the trophies, “Heartbeat Reaper”. This requires you to eliminate six enemies within 1.5 seconds. I’ve seen several methods for obtaining this – attracting crowds into grenades or leveraging the new Domino ability. The key that I feel some may have missed is that your victims don’t actually need to be conscious.

Yup, that’s it. Collect a pile of unconscious dinks and toss in a grenade; one and done.

Game Review: DMC: Devil May Cry

Boxart, DMC PS3Reviewed on Playstation 3, Official Website

Rated “M” for Mature (17 and Up)

My financially necessary “I can’t pay full price for games” rule often means that I let amazing experiences pass me by. If I’m lucky, I find them later – much later than everybody else – in the bargain bins. I then wander around desperate to find people to boisterously discuss something that, for them, has already become quietly nostalgic.


The Last of Us: One Night Live

I’ve written at some length about The Last of Us in the past. Recently, having never played the “remastered” PS4 edition, I’ve restarted the game. It’s sparked the same depth of interest that I had initially and I came across this wonderful video that had slipped past my attention.

To promote the PS4 edition of the game, Naughty Dog and Playstation arranged for this one-night-only performance of the games most memorable scenes and music by the original cast and composer.

[Although this is the official video, Playstation inexplicably kept the 30 minute timer countdown intact. I’ve skipped it.]

The joy and passion that the performers bring to the roles and the camaraderie that clearly developed offers a clean, new perspective on the work. The writing and performances are top-tier regardless of the genre or medium and seeing them celebrated this way is a real treat for fans.

Fallout 4 Trailer: Post-Apocalyptic Boston, Baby!

After several days of teasing the Internets, Bethesda Game Studios have come through with the first trailer for the insanely anticipated Fallout 4. Confirming prior rumors in grand form, this game will be set in Boston, baby!

I lived most of my adult life in Boston and am now salivating even more for this game. As much as I adored “The Last of Us” [My Review] and its Boston-based areas, it was a linear game that featured just a small handful of well-known locations.

The pedigree of Fallout guarantees that we’re sure to see dozens of landmarks, buildings and neighborhoods (come on Davis Square!) and be able to spend hundreds of hours poking through every dilapidated corner.

There’s no release date yet, but we can only hope for more details to be revealed at Bethesda’s E3 Showcase, a first for them, on Sunday, June 14th at 7:00pm PT.

Game Review: Infamous: First Light

Boxart Infamous First LightReviewed on Playstation 4, Official Website

Sucker Punch revisits the successful formula of 2011’s “inFamous: Festival of Blood” (a follow-up to inFamous 2) with this sorta-DLC, but still stand-alone follow-up to “inFamous : Second Son” [My Review]. For $15, fans get a huge addition to the original game, while the curious can enjoy a beefy stand-alone adventure.


Game Review: The Swapper

Boxart The SwapperReviewed on Playstation 4 and Vita, Official Website

The world of Indie gaming seems decidedly split into three broadly distinct camps. The first, and least interesting, are those simply mimicking traditional triple-A titles. Many of these are good, but they aren’t particularly exciting. The second camp are those leveraging retro formulas to create often novel, but familiar, titles. The last, which often blends with the second, are those creating truly unique experiences on a smaller, more intimate scale.

“The Swapper” is one of these.