The Last of Us: One Night Live

I’ve written at some length about The Last of Us in the past. Recently, having never played the “remastered” PS4 edition, I’ve restarted the game. It’s sparked the same depth of interest that I had initially and I came across this wonderful video that had slipped past my attention.

To promote the PS4 edition of the game, Naughty Dog and Playstation arranged for this one-night-only performance of the games most memorable scenes and music by the original cast and composer.

[Although this is the official video, Playstation inexplicably kept the 30 minute timer countdown intact. I’ve skipped it.]

The joy and passion that the performers bring to the roles and the camaraderie that clearly developed offers a clean, new perspective on the work. The writing and performances are top-tier regardless of the genre or medium and seeing them celebrated this way is a real treat for fans.

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