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Game Review: DMC: Devil May Cry

Boxart, DMC PS3Reviewed on Playstation 3, Official Website

Rated “M” for Mature (17 and Up)

My financially necessary “I can’t pay full price for games” rule often means that I let amazing experiences pass me by. If I’m lucky, I find them later – much later than everybody else – in the bargain bins. I then wander around desperate to find people to boisterously discuss something that, for them, has already become quietly nostalgic.


Game Review: Infamous: First Light

Boxart Infamous First LightReviewed on Playstation 4, Official Website

Sucker Punch revisits the successful formula of 2011’s “inFamous: Festival of Blood” (a follow-up to inFamous 2) with this sorta-DLC, but still stand-alone follow-up to “inFamous : Second Son” [My Review]. For $15, fans get a huge addition to the original game, while the curious can enjoy a beefy stand-alone adventure.


Game Review: The Swapper

Boxart The SwapperReviewed on Playstation 4 and Vita, Official Website

The world of Indie gaming seems decidedly split into three broadly distinct camps. The first, and least interesting, are those simply mimicking traditional triple-A titles. Many of these are good, but they aren’t particularly exciting. The second camp are those leveraging retro formulas to create often novel, but familiar, titles. The last, which often blends with the second, are those creating truly unique experiences on a smaller, more intimate scale.

“The Swapper” is one of these.


Game Review: Infamous: Second Son

Boxart, Infamous Second SonReviewed on Playstation 4, Official Website

Rated “T” for Teen

Being a huge fan of the first two “InFamous” games (my review of “InFamous 2”), I was incredibly anxious for this. It was, in fact, the first disc-based PS4 game I purchased. I played it, I loved it, then promptly forgot about reviewing it. With the release of the first DLC for the game, inFamous First Light, I decided to rectify that.