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Movie Review: Odd Thomas

IMDB, Odd Thomas“Odd Thomas” on IMDB

Thriller/Mystery/Horror, 97 Minutes, 2013

[Personal Note: my wife and I finished this movie and, as you’ll see, enjoyed it thoroughly. I began writing the review and, a short while later, learned that Anton Yelchin had died. Considering the subject matter of the film, this created some eerie sensations to say the least. He was a damn good actor and seemed like a damn fine human.]


Movie Review: The Sisterhood of Night

IMDB, The Sisterhood of Night“The Sisterhood of Night” on IMDB

Drama/Mystery, 104 Minutes, 2014

Before I begin, an admission: I had no interest in seeing this. At all. I gave it a glance and dismissed it as another brooding, tween, After School Special melodrama. Somebody would offer somebody else drugs, they’d just say no. Somebody else would cry and so forth and so on. I am, however, married, and this film was shot in my lovely bride’s hometown at her former high school.

So, guess who got to watch “The Sisterhood of Night”?


Movie Review: The Cobblestone Corridor

IMDB, The Cobblestone Corridor“The Cobblestone Corridor” on IMDB

Crime/Mystery, 25 Minutes, 2015

[This review was completed at the request of the filmmaker. No other consideration was given.]

Written, Directed, Produced, Edited and Starring Erik C. Bloomquist [IMDB], this is an enjoyable experiment in genre storytelling. Set in a posh New England prep school (thus the “cobblestones”) it follows Archer, the hard-boiled, no-nonsense editor of the school newspaper in his single-minded pursuit of the truth.


Movie Review: Now You See Me

IMDB, Now You See Me“Now You See Me” on IMDB

Crime/Mystery, 115 Minutes, 2013

I like magic. Good magic, that is. I have an appreciation for the craft, science, dedication and sheer, brazen chutzpah that it takes to do magic well. Magicians spend nearly unbelievable amounts of time perfecting what most people would consider meaningless skills. Which is exactly why they get away with so much: people can’t believe anybody would spend so much time for apparently so little return.


Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

“The Adjustment Bureau” on IMDB

Sci-fi,  106 Minutes, 2011

First, this was very good.  The acting, the pacing, the script – all very good.  Matt Damon [IMDB] is as likable as ever, Emily Blunt [IMDB] is insanely hot and who doesn’t like to see John Slattery [IMDB] wandering around?  Do not let the following prevent you from seeing this film!

I’m going to spoil quite a bit of this movie.  Starting… now.


Movie Review: Texas Killing Fields

“Texas Killing Fields” on IMDB

Crime Thriller, 105 Minutes, 2011

I have to admit I’d never heard of this movie before.  My wife started it before I came into the room and when I saw the title I assumed “B-grade horror”.  Then when I started seeing the cast I thought, “Hey – this is an actual real movie!”  And indeed it was – A-list actors and everything!


Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

“Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” on IMDB

Action/Mystery, 129 Minutes, 2011

Being a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes I was incredibly worried about the first film but happily surprised by the result.  While it added an action-movie physicality to the characters it lost none of the cleverness and brains-over-brawn mentality that makes the character so beloved by skeptics and mystery lovers everywhere (who, if I may speak for the group, hate nothing more than a simplistic “it’s magic” answer to a mystery).  The movies have happily stayed grounded in reality exactly where they belong.