Best Movies I Never Heard Of, 2012

I’m not talking about the big movies or the loud movies.  We all know that “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises” were good.  I’m talking about the little, low-budget movies that rose above the crap and deserve your attention. (Note that these are presented in the order that I originally reviewed them).

IMDB Troll HunterTroll Hunter

The movie that single handedly redeemed the “found footage” genre – and it’s from Norway!  Smart script, excellent pacing and stunning effects make this one a classic. Your jaw will be hanging open by the final scenes.

IMDB, OutlanderOutlander

An older movie that I completely missed.  I love the respect given to the Northmen, the impressive style of the creature effects and the original take on sci-fi tropes. It’s also got Ron Perlman screaming his head off and that’s always a plus!

IMDB, Jeff, Eho Lives at HomeJeff, Who Lives at Home

A sweet little movie with a warm, happy message starring some of my favorite people.  What could go wrong? Not much, I tell you. You’re going to be cheering for a hippy-dippy-stoner by the end.

IMDB, Tucker and Dale vs EvilTucker and Dale vs Evil

Tucker and Dale kicked evil’s ass. The kicked evil’s ass good! One of the best satires of the “Cabin in the Woods” horror movie genre until, well, Cabin in the Woods“!

IMDB, The Raid RedemptionThe Raid: Redemption

I’m still having trouble believing that the hands down best action flick I’ve seen in years is from Indonesia. Really, America, remember when we used to do action movies?

IMDB, The LieThe Lie

This one just stuck with me for a long, long time after it ended.  I find myself still mulling over scenes and decisions months later. One of the most affecting life-crisis movies you’re likely to ever find.

IMDB, InfestationInfestation

A rock-bottom budget didn’t hurt this classically paced giant bug movie at all. It just got everything right, over and over.
Any of these are well worth your time.  I had never heard of any of them before I gave them a shot.  They made wading through all the slop worth it.

Oh, if you’re curious my biggest disappointment of the year had to be “Prometheus”  I can’t even think about that without getting angry…

Updated: June 19, 2014 — 8:24 pm

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