Tagocalypse! Tagageddon? Tagnarock?

I spent way too long last night retagging all of my posts. All of the movie reviews have been tagged with genres (so you can now click through to all the Dramas, Action Flicks or Documentaries) and other meaningful notes (so you can click through to other schlock, vampire or Indie movies). The same, of course has been done with everything else so you can click through to all JavaScript, PS3, Humor or anything else.

I honestly had no intention, when I started, to review anything at all. Instead I just wanted a cheaper place to store my code components, rant a bit and try to do something mildly creative. I sent myself a goal to write something – anything – at least once a week and started, why not, reviewing stuff I watched or did. In the nearly two-years since I’ve actually completed 351 movie and 31 gaming reviews (and that’s not counting what’s shambling around over at MoreBrains.com).

Sure, the end result may just be proof how little I’ve done with my life, but it did keep me out of trouble. I did get some ranting in as well.

Updated: December 8, 2013 — 4:20 pm

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