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Movie Review: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

IMDB, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel“The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” on IMDB

Comedy/Drama, 122 Minutes, 2015

I was a big fan of the first film (my review). I spoke extensively about the quality of films featuring older, more experienced actors. This movie? That thing I said: same thing again. That’s not a particularly bad thing. I liked the first movie. It had an amazing cast, a funny, but understated, script and a simple, heart-warming message. This is more of the same and the same is pretty good.



A.I. Movie Festival: Chappie

A Depressed Press SeriesPart 2 of 12 of A.I. Movie Festival

IMDB, Chappie“Chappie” on IMDB

Action/Sci-Fi, 120 Minutes, 2015

I start off my month of A.I. with one of the movies I was most looking forward to. Neill Blomkamp [IMDB] , despite having a name that sounds like an expensive sex act, has brought us some of the best, most thought provoking science fiction of the past decade. That said, he’s not the most subtle, or even the most original, writer. District 9 [IMDB] was an incisive, if blunt, commentary on the inherent disaster of institutionalized inequality. Elysium’s [IMDB] Haves-versus-Have-Nots theme was even less elegant, but effectively timeless regardless.


Movie Review: Retreat

“Retreat” on IMDBIMDB, Retreat

Thirller, 90 Minutes, 2011

This one screams “INDIE!” louder than Marion Ravenwood in a basket. It’s a very small, tight cast: only five people total, two of which you barely see. It’s shot in, essentially, a single location: a lonely house on a deserted island. It has a good, but not quite “A” list, cast that probably brings more effort to the material than it really deserves. It also, by law, has a healthy collection of twist endings.


Movie Review: Wolf Children

IMDB, Wolf Children“Wolf Children” on IMDB

Drama/Family, 117 Minutes, 2012

I’ve unfortunately lost track of anime in the last few years. I’d keep up with the latest releases from Studio Ghibli and the odd TV show, but overall I just didn’t maintain my interest as I once had. Dipping my toe back in, I looked for recommendations and this kept getting mentioned.

I’m so glad it was.


Movie Review: The Wild Hunt

IMDB, The Wild Hunt“The Wild Hunt” on IMDB

Drama/Thriller, 96 Minutes, 2009

This movie is about LARPing. If you don’t know what this is, think “grown-up dress-up party with rubber swords”. If you do know what that is you’re probably really pissed-off that I just called it a “grown-up dress-up party with rubber swords”. Don’t be mad – no offense intended – just trying to reach a middle ground.


Movie Review: Ghosted

IMDB, Ghosted“Ghosted” on IMDB

Drama, 102 Minutes, 2011

I was, honestly, wholly confused by this one as I walked away. The story was standard, but well done. Jack (John Lynch [IMDB]) is an older, well-heeled, model prisoner near to release. Paul (Martin Compston [IMDB]) is a vulnerable young newbie being targeted by the violent rapist that controls the block. When Jack decides to befriend and protect Paul he risks his freedom and his life.