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Movie Review: Poe

“Poe” on IMDB

Horror,  105 Minutes, 2012

Bad movie!  No!  Not on the new rug!

(This movie just shit all over my new rug.)

The script – which announces proudly that it’s based on true events (it’s not) – really likes to repeat itself.  I think the screenwriter thought it sounded smart (it doesn’t) and that the actors could pull off sounding smart (they can’t… oh dear Lord in heaven they can’t).


Movie Review: I Spit on Your Grave

“I Spit on Your Grave” on IMDB

Horror, 108 Minutes, 2010

This is not a movie for a first date… or a third for that matter.  Or, in fact, any week were you might want to actually have sex… on second thought make that any month.    This is a remake of the controversial 1978 classic horror movie of the same name [IMDB].  Often mislabeled an exploitation film the original was anything but sexual.  (While I’m sadly sure that some people must enjoy this kind of brutality it was clearly not the intention of the film to cater to that audience.)