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Movie Review: Love & Teleportation

IMDB, Love Teleportation“Love & Teleportation” on IMDB

Romance/Sci-Fi, 92 Minutes, 2013

[Disclosure: This was screened at the request of the filmmakers. No other considerations were made.]

Why hello there sir, a moment of your time – a mere moment! Now sir, what if I told you that there’s a no budget movie – yes, no budget at all – that’s actually good? Even really good? Yes sir, you’d call me crazy!


Movie Review: Revelations

Revelations“Revelations” on IMDB

Horror, 13 Minutes, 2014

“Revelations” is the first of five short films for a planned anthology, “The Forces of Horror Anthology Series Volume I”. According to the production’s FaceBook page, the four remaining segments will be completed in the next few months. Each story will explore a different sub-genre of horror, but using the same location and actors.

[Full, but dull, disclosure: this review was the result of a request from the writer/director of the movie.]


Movie Review: The Visitant

“The Visitant” on IMDBIMDB, The Visitant

Thriller, 90 Minutes, 2014

A bunch of friends got together. They didn’t have any plans for the night. They pooled their cash and ended up with 63 dollars plus, for some reason, like ten bucks in Canadian nickels. They were well stocked with snacks. Somebody suggested that they rent a movie. Somebody suggested that they go to a movie. Somebody else suggested that they make a movie. That guy won.


Movie Review: Slasher House

IMDB, Slasher House“Slasher House” on IMDB

Horror, 85 Minutes, 2012

[Wife and kids are away visiting for the holidays. I’m staying home with movies and am back to the blood bucketing.]

This is pretty good ultra-low-budget horror. It’s a pretty damn bad anything else, but with a budget less than most used cars you do have to set expectations accordingly.  There is often an undeniable charm to be found when literally every penny counts.